Saturday, October 02, 2004

Got Genki?

Wow o.O I haven't updated this is quite a long time. Busy with schoolwork, blah blah, the usual drill. Just went on this loooooooong window-shopping/shopping spree with my mum today, and Genki Sushi was having a RM2 promotion thingie. That meant like, RM2 for salmon sushi, and some other yummy makis. The queue was soo long that it practically reached the Wayong Food Court o_O. Anyway, when I saw people coming out with these cute yellow Genki Sushi cushions I was like 'What's that? It's so cute! XD' And then we found out that it was a spesh promo just for today :D If your bill adds up to RM50 or more, than you get a yellow cushie, and it's only on a first come first serve basis. ^^; I got one, so you can pretty much imagine how me and my mum stuffed ourselves XD I took a picture of it on the digi-cam =.=;; but then I forgot that the USB line was back in the hostel, so I can't put it on right now. I'm definitely posting it up when I upload it into my computer XD It's too cute!

Away from the subject of sushi, but onto more japanese things: anime! ^^ I'm overjoyed to find that some of my favourite series are either:
A) Getting Sequels; or
B) Getting Serialised
Gundam SEED's story will be continued in Gundam SEED:Destiny where we've got Athran and Cagalli as well as other returning characters; a ton of *new* GUNDAMs and new characters and (hopefully!) a great storyline. I still haven't finished watching GS yet because I've been multi-tasking so much :p But I can't wait for GS:D to come out XD It'll start airing in Japan on October 9th, and takes over the time slot for Full Metal Alchemist. More info and some of the trailers can be found at the official site.

tactics is another manga series that's gonna be animated by Studio DEEN (Samurai Deeper KYO) and it's gonna start airing on October 5th. The picture released so far looks good XD And the characters seem up to scratch. I can't wait to see what they do with it, considering that there's only like, 4 tankoubuns of tactics out...probably going to be a whole different spin from the manga, but I look forward to seeing it =) More info here.

The cute shounen-ai series that has been scanlated by Aku-Tenshi is also apparently going to be animated soon, and will be joining the anime titles in January 2005 according to this. Affectionately known as Sukisho by it's readers, it's based on the game (I believe) on PS2 called Suki na mono wa suki dakara shouganai!! (long title innit? No wonder everyone uses Sukisho XD)

EREMENTAR GERAD by Azusa Mayumi (character design for Star Ocean EX) which serials in Mag-Garden like tactics will also be made into an anime and will hit the silverscreens in April 2005. Very interesting storyline and beautiful characters, so I can't wait to see how this turns out either :)

The best news of all! Full Metal Panic will be returning to the TV screens as well for the animation of the novels following the end of the first FMP series, The End of Day by Day. The storyline is really intense, and puts pressure on our lead characters, and also *gasp* introduces Tessa's brother! The novel is being translated by Boku-tachi and is a must-read to keep you waiting impatiently for the return of FMP as Full Metal Panic:! the second raid in 2005. More info on the novels and the animisation of DBD here.

More to come with TBA dates are Gatekeepers 3, STAR OCEAN TO THE STORY, Tsubasa: Reservoir Chronicle and XXXHolic. Movies of interest that are coming out this year include the 4th Inuyasha movie: Fire on the Mystic Island which you can find more info about here. The Hagaren (FMA) movie is coming out next year in the summer, and trailers can be found here.

More stuff about up-and-coming anime can be found at MOONPHASE (Japanese only). ^^ Hope that update soothes ya'll, and see ya next time!~


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