Friday, August 27, 2004

Olympics Diving Craze

Today was the first time I actually sat down and watched a full (ok, not quite full, but I digress :p) Olympics event. It was the Men's 10M Diving, and I was totally blown away by the artisticity (yeah yeah, that's not a word, I know! XD) and grace of it. :p Not to mention all the yummy guys there! Hahahahha XD Besides, it was the last event that Malaysia was gonna be participating in (gah! can't believe that we didn't get any medals for badminton at all! ><>Bryan Nickson, the most chibi ^^ and (youngest, I think) diver for that event. What a cute tyke really :p Can't wait to see the next diving event he's in, there's so much talent there =) Of course, it's totally hats off to Canadian divers Alexandre Despatie and Christopher Kalec as well as Chinese divers Tian Liang and Hu Jia. Didn't get to watch until the semi-finals, but I hope the stupid TV goes back tomorrow so I can watch the rest of it T.T *drools*


Blogger Thom said...

It's Bryan Nickson, not Nicholson. And I'm really impressed by him too! Looking forward to see him perform in Olympics 2008 at Beijing!

September 7, 2004 at 1:13 AM


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