Sunday, August 29, 2004

Olympics Men's 10M Diving Finals

Oooccch! Just finished watching the 10m Men's Diving Finals, and it was a reaaaaaally nerve-racking competition. Gold went to Hu Jia from China, silver to Mathew Helm from Aussie, and bronze to Tian Liang also from China. Alexandre Despatie finished 4th place (unfortunately! Loved his Armstand dive, that was ruddy brilliant!!), but shitniz, I'm all the way for supporting him in all the diving events to come! He's an awesome diver with loads of talent, not to mention that he bagged 1st in the FINA World Cup for the 3m event. It would be stupid to say that it wasn't disappointing that he didn't win, but there are still future events to come! Gods, watching him dive is like dropping from a 100 foot cliff or something; you can't do anything, but just stare, open-mouthed at the dive....or maybe that's just me. Whatever the case, you can be sure that this girl will be all for cheering on the Canadian talent all the way from Malayisa! :D You go, Alex Despatie!

Friday, August 27, 2004

Olympics Diving Craze

Today was the first time I actually sat down and watched a full (ok, not quite full, but I digress :p) Olympics event. It was the Men's 10M Diving, and I was totally blown away by the artisticity (yeah yeah, that's not a word, I know! XD) and grace of it. :p Not to mention all the yummy guys there! Hahahahha XD Besides, it was the last event that Malaysia was gonna be participating in (gah! can't believe that we didn't get any medals for badminton at all! ><>Bryan Nickson, the most chibi ^^ and (youngest, I think) diver for that event. What a cute tyke really :p Can't wait to see the next diving event he's in, there's so much talent there =) Of course, it's totally hats off to Canadian divers Alexandre Despatie and Christopher Kalec as well as Chinese divers Tian Liang and Hu Jia. Didn't get to watch until the semi-finals, but I hope the stupid TV goes back tomorrow so I can watch the rest of it T.T *drools*

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Air Gear!!

*drools* I've gotten addicted to yet another manga T.T At this rate, I'll be going broke almost every other day (><>Air Gear and it's basically about a 13-year-old boy, Ikki, and loads of rollerblading gangs and stuff. It may not sound like much, but the characters are really interesting so far, and the storyline is intriguing. Guys would love it, considering it is drawn by none other than Oh! Great sensei...who also happens to draw Tenjou Tenge (which apparently has quite a bit of hentai in it...or naked girls at least...uhuh.) Agito is THE absolute bomb! XD Kid with a split personality that's a killer, ooohhh...what more could you ask for?

My homework and studies are suffering like hell as I neglect them awfully so...

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Stuck in a book

Mrrrrrmmmm...finally found a yummy book to read after sooo long. ^^ I've been reading The Dragon Queen: Tales of Guinevere by Alice Borchadt, who is incidentally, the older sister of Anne Rice. Where Anne Rice writes about vampires, Alice Borchadt usually focuses on werewolves. Both of them are my fave authors, and they sure strike a rich combination of love, action, magic, mystery and fantasy. I read two of Borchadt's books a few years back; namely The Wolf King and Night of the Wolf. Considering that I just picked those two books on a whim, and under utterly bored circumstances from the library, I found them surprisingly wonderful, and have since been longing for more of the same X3 So glad to have finally found the appearance of Maeniel, the shapeshifter appear again in Tales of Guinevere (to tell you the truth, I'm rooting for more of Guinevere and Lancelot than for Guinevere and Arthur *snicker*). It's truly a refreshing look at the Arthurian classic of King Arthur from Guinevere's point of view, and beautfiul imagery *drools*.

School side, I've got a mini Bio test tomorrow and urgggh, assignments upon assigments that I just can't seem to get off my butt to work on *sigh*. More tests are on the horizon, but I'm sooo stuck on reading The Dragon Queen that I can't wait to get my hands on the second book of the Tales of Guinevere trilogy, The Raven Warrior which continues the story and runs all over the place, for we hear more about Black Leg, who is actually, Lancelot...XD But there I go again running off the tangent *snickers*. Have also gotten very caught up in reading Harry/Hermione fanfiction in addition to the Draco/Hermione fanfiction that I absolutely luuuuurve.