Monday, July 19, 2004

Second sem start.... T_T

First day of second sem and I'm already grumbling about not having my streamyx connection. Still feel very sleepy right now, but my brain's awake enough to actually allow me to potter off to uni and attempt (attempt I say!) to find the lecture notes for second semester. As luck would have it *rolls eyes* I have no idea what is what and some of the subjects have been wholly deleted T_T and that TOTALLY defeats the purpose of me having gotten up so early in the morning for that! Oh woe is me...
On another level that is highly fun, I've decided to learn how to play Go ^^ and just started playing about 3 days ago. Very much enjoy it, but I've been getting my ass whupped by more experienced players on the IGS where I play. :p Hoping for a goban to arrive soon from Shanghai where some relatives are coming over for the summer so I'll actually be able to practice playing without having to turn on the computer half the time.  I really wonder how many Go players there are in Malaysia (or beginners anyway in our case XD) 0ther than just me and John. The only way you can really get better (IMO anyway) is by playing other people of your level...or if you're a masochist, getting your ass whupped by the betters :p Go is definitely a fun game to pick up and it sure strengthens your strategical mind alot. But then I guess that playing Go is also a side effect of watching too much Hikaru no Go as well! ^^

Wednesday, July 14, 2004


Take this Chrno Crusade quizz @ Devil Inside.

Oooh XD Rosette! :p Yo, as you can tell, I've just gotten back from my trip, and it was mucho fun, shopping and walking. Finished watching Hikaru no Go as well as Chrno Crusade and both anime are totally excellent XD But the ending for Chrno Crusade was rather heartbreaking :( Got inspired (again) to create a wallpaper for Chrno and Rosette, so I'll post it up sometime. :p I think it was quite a feat (bwahahahha XD) considering the fact that I was sprawled out on the bed and using only the touchpad mouse on my laptop to do it, lol :p
>.< School starts next week...and the results show their sorry asses up tomorrow *shudders* I'm kinda freaked out about the results that I'm gonna get, so I'll just keep my fingers crossed and hope for the best...