Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Whee~ ^^ As you can see, my lil' bloggie's got a whole new look, no? Got bored of the old template and decided to get a new one to replace it and here it is. I think I prefer this template (for now at least), but it looks a bit messy, so I might have to clear that up quite a bit >< I know its been ages since I last posted (the Draco/Hermione rant doesn't really count :p), so this post will be used to fill you in on what's been going on so far.
The holidays are up and kicking XD and I'll be going back to Hong Kong after 3 years of not having set foot there =) I'm rather excited, but also letdown because I'll be there for like about 2 weeks >_< To tell the truth, I'm glad that I'll be going back, but well, I didn't expect to spend *such* a long time there...I think I'm gonna get bored or something >_> The exam results will be out in 2 weeks or so, just before school starts up again, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed as to the results that I'll get ^^;
On a fanfiction note, fans of Need to Kill, Haunted and When you're gone should be overjoyed to hear that I've finally got the time to start up work on them again, and so you should expect new chapters up soon =) Chapter 23 of Need to Kill should be up the soonest, while I put finishing touches to Chapter 3 of Haunted and the epilogue of When you're gone.
I've still been keeping a tab on Full Metal Alchemist and I've been indulging in Chrno Crusade as well XD Darn, I love those 2 anime! Yummy art and bishies hahhahah XD


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