Saturday, May 29, 2004

Doh...Feel like an idiot today. Just finished a Bio test not more than about 2 and a half hours ago, and have got to go study for a Chem test which is up for Tuesday testing >_> I hate evil lecturers! How on earth will I be able to study 10 chapters in two days?! *Sob* Now I'm seriously wondering WHY I even took Science in the first place...the workload is insane! ....Counting down to the exams once again....Need to get my comp fixed as well...have no idea why, but the task bar on my comp has gone a bit whacky for no unknown reason, so the start buttons and the icons aren't showing up its place there's just this gray bar So yeah...think I'm gonna give it a good reformatting today or something after I get all the stuff that needs CD-Ring done...
I'm insane sometimes, methinks...was supposed to get 2 chapters of studying for Bio done last night right? But then I kept getting really really sleepy, so finally it was like 'Gah, I've had it! Gonna nap until 1am!). But thennn, when the alarm rings at 1am, I smartly switch it off...and go back to sleep! >_> So of COURSE I didn't even get a chapter done, let alone two, and sped-studied the way through the whole 4 chapters today...brain's in a funny ditch right now...

Friday, May 21, 2004

Taken from the CPU Prom, 2003. The RO gang who were all at Prom =) Posted by Hello

Chem class - CPU 2003
Photoblogger rocks! ^^ You can now put pics onto without having to worry about webspace! :D This pic was from Chemistry class back in CPU

Saturday, May 15, 2004

I'm feeling seriously depressed now. There's some crappy shit going on back home on the family base, and its just totally...shitty, to say the least. Basically, I'll be having to go through a confrontation with my mum that my dad needs, but its not going to be easy. If I never blog again, I'm sure you'll know why. *grumbles and disappears into a corner to lurk*