Friday, April 30, 2004

Ooh, another long holiday coming up XD well, a 4 day week-end to be exact, but I think that'll be spent doing my Chemistry Organic chem essay, which I really need to finish before next week so I can concentrate on my MGW assignment after that >_< sob sob...its just one insane assignment after another and then the exams come soon after that T.T Why oh why oh WHY did I take such an insane Science course >_> But then again...if I *didn't*, I wouldn't have been able to meet *cough*acertainsomeone*cough*. According to my dear dear brother, stuff should progress quite nicely :p And I kinda like the way things are going...hahah, maybe there's a reactionary in the process! XDXDXD...Now THAT...would be wunderlich! =) But seriously, Tuesday was my happy day because I spent practically the whole day with him in school X3X3X3 *melts into a puddle of goo* Mou~

Saturday, April 24, 2004

Woo.. another week gone, and there goes the Chem and Bio tests. I think I seriously bombed the Chem test >< but urghhh, guess I'll just have to wait for the results to come out and all. Another good week with that person X3 and I'm getting to know him more and more XD wahay~ Rotated the music on Hagane for the week, so there's 2 songs from Laraku and one from Delerium. Got two very nice crystals today...well actually, I have absolutely no idea why on earth I bought the rose quartz...but I got it anyway >_> and then the other one...still need to find out what on earth it is!!! >_O But I just couldn't put it down T.T Either way, its a good stone to have, so I'll have to live with it happily ^^. The rose quartz idea >_O

Sunday, April 18, 2004 comes the end to the week of holidays =( Its back to the hostel for me later today, but it sure has been an eventful week for someone who's been home practically the whole day! For starters, I actually got to know the guy more X3 and found out that we've actually got quite a few things in common ^^ So I've been happy-happy all this week. I just got my bio essay accomplished last night after tons of writer's block, and there's only one more chapter of Chemistry to study today, thank goodness. The test is on Tuesday, and I just hope I at least pass it >_> God only knows what the lecturer has up his sleeve for us; scary chap. Anyways, I'd better get back to studying now, mwahah ^^

Monday, April 12, 2004

Whee, its a holiday for the week coz it's mid-sem break. XD Gabby-kins is back for the week too, so it's all good =3 As for the workload *shudders* urgh, don't even go there >_> I've got 2 lab reports, 2 written reports and 2 tests and a Bio essay to work for this week, so its pretty hard going. My eyes hurt like hell right now; I've been doing my bio lab report since 11.30am this morning (and lots of getting glued to the comp in between, but what the hell XD), and I sooooo haven't finished it yet. Need to do my chem lab tonight as well, and I have to start studying tomorrow and have to start doing my Bio essay as well. >_< Gyawd, whoever said university life was fun? Sure feels like a ton of torture and assignments as they pile up and up and up *drowns in assignments*

On a more fun part, I've been watching and reading Full Metal Alchemist. Yet another anime that's been released by the BONES studio, it sure is rawking good! I lurve XD I've watched all the eps that have been released so far, and I love it. *adds to fave list* Downloading the first few eps of Peacemaker Kurogane right now, since some of my friends have been going on and on about how good it is, so I figured I'd give it a try. I think I'll probably be comparing it to Rurouni Kenshin alot, considering how RK focuses on the Ishinshishi side of things, wheras PK focuses on the Shinsengumi part of it. =) I think it'll be pretty interesting.

Ooo yes, I've even put a mp3 rotation site up (I can't believe I was bored enough to do that -.-) over on, and I'll probably either rotate it every fortnight or every month. Either way, there'll be 3 mp3s up everytime, so if you want to, just head over and download. Too bad that the bandwidth limit is only 100MB *crosses fingers* Hope I don't get -too- many visitors >_O Anyway, its called Hagane *snickers* yes, I grabbed the name from FMA; couldn't come up with a nice enough one =( So click here ---> Hagane. Ta for now~

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

There is progress!! Progress I say!!! :p Basically, I just talked to him quite a bit today, in comparison to god knows how many times I've actually talked to him. Nyohoho switched tutorial classes, *not* for the sake of just being in his class (hey hey!) since I'm pretty lazy on Fridays and only really want to go to school late or so XD All is good and yesterday was my birthday. sooooo I'm 18 now XD Mmmm good week :p

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Phew! Just finished the bio test 'bout an hour ago, and I'm pretty smiley now =) Got to talk to the guy XD and I think that's probably gonna keep me smiling for the rest of the day now, heheheh. Anyway, the bio test was chill, and I think I'll ace it pretty good. Still got 2 lab reports and 2 assignments to catch up to, but I'm gonna give it a rest today after studying intensively for 2 days straight. XD Gab's coming back soon, so that's a big plus, and the one-week hol is around the corner :p Too bad I'll have to spend most of it studying for my chem test though ;_;