Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Its not everyday you get a heartattack. No, I didn't mean that I've been getting heartattacks literally, but I'd say damn close to it. Should I bother to say? Hrmm...yes I should. Let's just say that I haven't really been listening to lectures lately because my current obsession has been er...sitting pretty darn close. No, not so close that I'm breathing down his neck or something, but close enough to make me *not* pay attention to my lectures (except for lets say, ok, today? But then he was sitting far away [thank god!]). Anyway. It's been a pretty freaky 3 days, and there has been a total lack of crappy sleep for some unknown reason (No, I'm not dreaming about him! Although Ken would say otherwise >.< thou pervert!) And there's a bio test coming up this Saturday that I haven't started studying for yet, but definitely have to start today. Plus the numerous lab reports that need to be handed in either on Friday or next week AND the bio essay which I have yet to start on!!!!!@_@ Rather confusing and tough to handle...but I'll get through it...I think! Mwahahha~

Saturday, March 27, 2004

I have one word for you this week. Obsessed. Only 3 people really know what I'm going on about :p And that's how it's gonna stay. Mwahahahha

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Bah, a blog again after more than a week. I was feeling too lazy to blog last weekend, and was obsessing over the private RO server that I was playing on. It's uber cool since they've got 2-2 jobs out, and you can even use some of the GM commands on it. Plus the fact that is rather easy to level :p So you don't have to waste away at your comp for unnecessary hours. There was also the fact that I was stressing almost the whole of last week over my Management assignment (which I have finished now, thank goodness), as well as my Chem labs and Bio labs. Got another Bio lab this week to write up, as well as a Chem lab. Blech its insane I tell ya. Now I have to stress over my Bio essay, which is due in about 3 weeks time (if ya don't count the week off that we have), as well as the Bio test next Saturday (double blech...). And it doesn't help that I seem to be hopelessly attracted to this guy in my Bio lab T.T He's rather cute (and has a nice ass hahah! XD) but ironically, I don't even know his name :p But darn, he's cute! I think I'll shut up now before I even get started on his looks, or I'll be stuck here forever :p

Friday, March 12, 2004

Wachey....back for the weekend, :) My well deserved break from boring lectures and comlabs. Blech. And there's actually hot water for showers! Can you believe that I've been having cold showers just because I'm too lazy to go to the other shower where there's actually hot water? XD But then again, its not a bad thing, since there'd be no place to put my stuff on the shelf when I actually want to go and shower. It's full I tell ya! There's a Managing assignment due up in 2 weeks time, and I still haven't gotten off my lazy bum to go and research for it. My first Bio lab is already done, and all I need to do is just print it out and stuff...sigh...Chem labs start next week. :( That means only being able to leave after 5 and then being stuck in a 2-3 hour traffic jam just to get home. Well at least I get my beloved streamyx connection and RO XD

Sunday, March 07, 2004

I officially loathe the printers at Monash! It's such a pain in the ass just to get something printed, and your printing quota gets used up like water! And then sometimes, you can't even SEE whatever you've printed since the ink is so light! The first week was pretty much boring, but I've settled in quite a bit and the lectures are gonna get down and hard next week *crosses fingers* wish me luck peeps!

On the anime/manga front, I've been watching Scrapped Princess and it's not bad. BONES the anime production team who produced Wolf's Rain also worked on SutePuri (short for Scrapped Princess). Have to say that some of the characters introduced could have a LOAD more potential and would have offered a lot more to the story, but well...just weren't given enough screen time. One of my favourite non-main characters would have to be Fulle the ex-military Black Hawk who finds Pacifica after the magical blowout thing on the sub. Granted, he more or less looks like Shannon, but he's more...affectionate I would say. But then...-_- he had to get killed off in episode 18 or so. *sigh* And he could have had so much going for him and Pacifica. Shannon and Chris are definitely to-die-for bishies although Shannon irks me sometimes because he always seems to push Pacifica away; poor girl.

Episodes 29 and 30 of Wolf's Rain are out as well, and I dled those to my comp. Gonna relish those after I finish watching SutePuri. >_< I hope poor Toboe is alright! Tsume would diiiiiiie without him :p The yaoi factor has kicked in again, hehe.

As for Witch Hunter Robin, I made an Amon/Robin wallpaper on one of the (many) days when I had nothing to do in the hostel. I think it's quite yummy, considering that it's my second ever wallpaper that I've ever done (the first one being a Fukki one from Houshin Engi). It's what I'm using on my desktop now, and I'm mighty proud of it *beams happily*. The link is here if you want to see it, and it's simply titled 'One Love'. Might make more in the future if I ever get my hands on some really good screencaps that I want to make a wallpaper from, and when I get the time to do it.

Was also happily playing the Jap version of Onimusha 3 when I came back home on Friday, and let me tell you: IT ROCKS!!!!. The graphics are unbelievable, and the fighting scenes, storyline, music and the voice acting are unblemished and absolutely fantastic. Ok :p maybe I'm just being biased coz it's Takeshi Kaneshiro who is THE hottie of the game, but still, I digress. It's fantastic gameplay even if you're usually used to just RPGs, and the opening FMV will blow you away even if you don't understand Japanese at all. The opening reminded me a bit of LoTR:RoTK during the battle for Gondor. *drools* I can't wait until next week when I can play again! =3

Monday, March 01, 2004

Wow, I'm now considered a first year Uni student. It seems a bit weird, after 3 solid months of not having done anything, and suddenly my brain has to get back into gear :p Serves me right I guess, for having been glued to the PC and the PS2 respectively. I'm sharing a room in the hostel, and my room mate is really nice :( but she's moving out to a single room soon so I'll be getting a new one... Some of my house mates are cool, and the others I haven't even SEEN yet! But well, that'll all be soon enough I guess. Had 2 lectures today, but it was mainly just some briefing and stuff, considering that they kinda have a bit of a 'prolonged' orientation week as there are still some students entering into the uni late, and some are just moving into the hostels and stuff. No labs or tutorials this week, so that's all good =) For the next 2 weeks I have no chem labs, so I can still get home earlier, but from the 3rd week onwards, I'll probably only get home at around 7pm *sob*

Well, such is uni life =) See ya'll soon then!