Monday, February 23, 2004

Phooeey...Finally posted Chapter 22 of Need to Kill up! It's a bit short, but at least its something for everyone who's been waiting for such a long time :p Orientation starts tomorrow, so that means getting up at 7.30am in the morning o_O I seem to have gotten some self-inflicted insomnia lately, so I hope I can sleep properly, otherwise I'll be snoring away in the MPH tomorrow morning *sigh*

Mrmmmm...finished watching Witch Hunter Robin and it was a blast! I absolutely loved it. Wrote two different POV fics, one for Amon and one for Robin about their feelings for each other XD Maybe I'll make it some continuing saga or something :x like how everything keeps going, throughout the show? Hmm...sounds interesting, but I'll have to rewatch it again in order to write out some of the stuff and all. One fic is Black, White and Gray while the other is Fixation on You. =) Go have a read if you're a WHR fan ne?

Finished watching Fruits Basket as well as Full Metal Panic. I just finished dling the Full Metal Panic? Fumoffu eps last night XD Nyao~ Can't wait to watch them, and I'm getting stuck onto the Furuba manga as well; it's good with tons of humour, but not lacking in the angst department either (which is what I love best! XD) Well then, Haunted should be updated real soon and see ya'll in the next blog!

Thursday, February 19, 2004

You're Momiji - the rabbit!

Which Fruits Basket Character Are You?
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:x Momijiiiiiiii~

Thursday, February 12, 2004

Just watched eps 14-16 of Witch Hunter Robin. Can you say suspense?! And much frustration! >< Amon was standing sooooooooooooo close to Robin! Bleh, stupid man! XD It's sooo obvious really ^^ But well, that's what you get with anime like that ne... It seriously is the best ep that I've watched so far and I've joined the fanlisting! ^^ Somewhere over there with the rest of 'em. Mrrrmmm... Amon... XD There'll definitely be a lil fanfic one-shot coming up referring to Episode 15 and it'll be in Amon's POV ^^ definitely need more of those. Did a Robin POV one yesterday for the OP images. =) If you're curious, you can find it under my writings again at The one-shot is called Fixation on You. Enjoy~ XD

Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Got back to KL on Saturday, and I'm totally floored by Witch Hunter Robin and Full Metal Panic. I got a ton of DVDs while I was in Shanghai, and I picked those two out up as well, out of curiousity.
FMP is absolutely hilarious with our well-loved main characters Sagara Sousuke and Chidori Kaname who lend much humour to the series. Coming from the excellent GONZO who brought us stuff like GateKeepers and Vandread, FMP is another series that is worth watching if you love action, a small tinge of romance, quite a few bits of mecha, and blown-out humour. Not to mention that two of my most-loved seiyuu are in it XD -> Seki Tomokazu as Sousuke and Miki Shinichirou as Kurtz.
Witch Hunter Robin on the other hand is a total contrast to the FMP's latent humour, and is one of the darkest and most ethereal anime that I have ever watched. The story revolves around 15-year-old Witch Hunter Sena Robin who has just been transferred to the STN branch in Japan as a replacement for one of the hunters who died six months ago. However, the one thing that sets her apart from there is that she wields Craft-magic; still not considered a witch, but somehow close to getting there :p only time will tell (besides, I've only watched the first 12 episodes XD). The Hunter team include the mysterious (almost always frowning) Amon; Michael, the l33t h4x0r; Haruhito, Dojiba and Karasuma. Not to mention that Robin seems to have some fascination with the brooding Amon *snigger*. The series is good, but back off if you're a strong Christian who doesn't like anything to do with witchcraft, because this anime is pretty much full of it.
Another anime of worthy mention is Wolf's Rain, an anime about a group of wolves who are searching for their Paradise; a journey that is lengthy and involves the bonds of pack, loyalty and friendship. It might not sound like much, but its one of the best anime that I've ever watched, not to mention that the soundtrack is exceptionally remarkable when it's been done by none other than Yoko Kanno who worked on Escaflowne (and other things that I have never watched XD). The animation is yummy the whole way through, and is chockful of bishounen (and biseinen) wolves in human form.

Wednesday, February 04, 2004

*pokes stagnant blog with a stick* Ok, so this update didn't take as long as it did last time, but what the hey yeah? :p I'm on holiday in Shanghai now, and its nice and freezing! XD Rest assured that I *am* still writing, and although its a long and slow process, the next chapters of Haunted and Need to Kill will be out in the near future
(hopefully) T.T I miss my RO and I miss my frenz and my internet connectionnnnnnnnnnnn! Anywayz, will be back in the K of L soon enough so see ya'll again soon