Saturday, August 30, 2003

...I have absolutely NO idea what the *hell* is going on in Weiß Kreuz Glühen. *__* I've been through eight episodes, but I still have absolutely no idea whatsoever is happening >__> Rah. On a happier note, Chapter 19 of Need to Kill is now up, so go read!

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Wheee~ XD Absolutely high on watching Weiß Kreuz Glühen! It's really good, and *thank goodness* they're now using CG instead of cel >_> I remember how horrible the ending episodes were in Weiß Kreuz. Onito was nice enough to download the 13 episodes for me ^^; or well, he's currently downloading eps8-9 I thinketh, and I just watched eps 1 and 2 just now. *drool* Aya-kun!!! Seriously, with the new designs, I think that him and Kenken are the only ones who look good. Yohji just looks *_* and Omi just...doesn't look like Omi anymore. is a total crasher this week, and I still haven't finished Chapter 19 yet, so well, sorry but it'll be done and posted by the weekend, so just be patient ne? -_-;; I tell ya, my law teacher is so *absolutely* (sarcasm sarcasm) terrific. She only tells us yesterday that we've got a test THIS Friday, when everybody's already tripping up over the tons of assignments that need to be passed up before the mid-term hols come along. But noooooo, of course she has to give us barely 4 days notice to get our acts together and squish our brains full of dates of the Canadian Constitution and whatnot, and do well. I bet you can tell by now that I'm bitching. Let's not even start on the English teech! Grah...what does she think, we've got no other work to do?

She's a sadist I tell you! Gives us piles upon piles of work to do when we're no longer in her class (oh, I forgot to mention this ages ago, didn't I? Me, Ken and John were dragged into the English Society...sooo totally against our will. Did I mention that I got the position as President by a stupid flip of a coin? Just how much more lamer can you get?!) Yeah, anyway, she wants us to put up notices around the school to tell people to come for a meeting on Friday. And how long is this meeting exactly? 15 minutes. Can you believe it? Notices around the whole college just for a stupid 15 minutes meeting! Geez...why don't you waste more paper and more money huh? The money is just coming out of OUR pockets, not YOURS!! And as if we haven't got enough work to do, she's asking us to stay back after school and tutor weaker English students. Ok, that part would be fine, BUT she also wants us to perform for our 20th Anniversary Celebration of the CPU program, in front of the High Commissioner himself, damnit! You get my drift? @#$%&^$%!

Bah...done ranting...for now!

Sunday, August 24, 2003

XD Whee~ Just got tankoubun 1 of Weiss Side B which is the continuation of where the Weiss Kreuz Gluhen TV series left off. Mrm...yummy dark-ish gothic-ky art that rocks, and Fujimiya Ran and Hidaka Ken still look as good as ever! XD Gr~ Chapter 19 of Need to Kill is still in the works, and well, it'll be up late. If all goes good and well and I'm able to finish it by tonight, then it'll go up tomorrow, otherwise, the chapter will probably only go up next weekend >_< gomen nasai in advance!

Saturday, August 23, 2003

Wow, just came back from an extra long dinner/chat with my dad's friends and a really 'keng' feng shui master. You would not *believe* just how accurate he is! Seriously, we only met him tonight, but he like, knew everything about us. O_O It was kinda freaky I tell ya. Lol, he was telling me what my future husband would probably be like. I'm probably gonna marry a Chinese-Malaysian, but he'll most likely be holding a different citizenship or something. Total wow huh? As if that wasn't enough, he gave my dad's wife a remedy to her allergies without her even saying a word about it! Guess you'll have to see it to believe it. He even calculated my [rocky] relationships with my exes, saying that both 2001 and 2003 were years where I'd
be able to have relationships, but it would be rough seas. O_O Let's not even go back to 2001 man. I couldn't believe how accurate he was! Meh~ I'll definitely be married before I'm 26 too.

And let's not forget the fact that I should be expecting a younger brother in the near future. >_> I'm not really sure how to take that information at all, and I'm not sure whether I should feel threatened at all or not. 2004 or 2006 at the latest, but it's definitely gonna be a boy. Wow...I'll be a big sister. Freaky~!

On another note, I really need to get cracking on Chapter 19 of Need to Kill, otherwise I'll never finish it by this weekend. Well, until then, ta!

Sunday, August 17, 2003

>_> Urgh~ feel infinitely tired now; been on yet another boating trip to Pulau Ketam, and this time, there were *2* yelling screaming kids to deal with. I'm lucky that I haven't gone deaf yet. Chapter 18 of Need to Kill has just been uploaded, and I'm off to get some chow and sleep before I keel over on the computer.

Thursday, August 14, 2003

Oh yeah. Should have mentioned this a long long time ago, but well, here goes:


I swear, he is the weirdest strango ever, and he won't get the hint that we DO NOT want to eat lunch with him, let alone spend any time in his presence! -__- He isn't taking the darned hint though. Either a) he's actually oblivious to all this, or
b) he enjoys making our lives a living hell.

I think that the latter is correct. Every time he turns up out of fucking nowhere, all 3 of us kinda clamp up and don't talk at all. I swear, he puts a damper on our moods, and it makes me turn into a homocidal killer. I haven't murdered him yet, but I'm very *very* close to it. All my friends in school know that I've been complaining about it, and Ken and John as well as Gab are starting to see my killer tendencies show whenever he turns up. I've been really sarcastic, and it seems to be penetrating through his thick brain, so he stays away from me.

-__- However, we have a theory (or should I say it's a fact?) that he is in lurrrrve with Ken. ^^;;; Which I find really hilarious. Gab suggests that me and John should leave him with the monstrosity so that we can be unharrassed and safe elsewhere. Lol. Anyway, enough of my ranting, and I really need to go eat now! Ta~

Whee! Almost the weekend, and I'm hight on er...something? Haven't been doing nuts for chapter 18 yet, but I'll be able to write most of it up tomorrow after school and stuff. Shitniz. Got a law essay to write in law class tomorrow about any activist, and I chose a really choon woman called Sojourner Truth. Basically, she was a slave back in the 19th century when slavery was still rampant, and women still didn't have all that many (ok, less than that...try none!) rights. She was freed under the New York Act in 18 summat, and then proceeded to change her name, then went off all along Long Island and Connecticut to preach and to share her experiences with other people. Eventually she ended up in Northampton, MA, and joined a utopian group, where she met a few other abolitionists, and was thus influenced to stand up for herself and speak for her own rights, as well as for others.

To cut a long story short, she also did a speech on women's rights, and that speech totally rocks, I tell you! You totally gang-banged all the stereotypes that men had of women, and let's just say that she's now a role model of mine! I really respect her now, coz in a time where women were supressed, she wasn't afraid to speak up in society, even though she was black, and was an ex-slave. She didn't give a hoot about being discriminated against, and didn't feel hatred towards the people who tried to break her spirit, and actually spoke up for others, even though she had no obligation to.

So yeah, totally rockin' woman!

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Whee~ Finally finished chapter 17 of Need to Kill and it's up on right now. *_* It's over 8000 words, and took a hella long time to write, darnit! Meh, hope pple are happy with that. Bio lab tomorrow and BKA to endure. Yuck!

Thursday, August 07, 2003

>_> Rah~ Mucho tiredo. Still stuck in school after my accounting remedial class, coz dad had something to do and the driver is late. I need to go home to study some more, unless I wish to fail my law test or accounting, and *that* people, is a given HELL NO!!! <_< Not to mention the fact that I'm way behind on updating my story so I need the whole weekend to do it probably. Well, driver's here now, so gtg!

Tuesday, August 05, 2003

>_< Aaaaaaaaah!!! I'm just loaded down with a ton of work this week >_> It's gonna be tough writing chapter 17 of Need to Kill. My law teacher just told us that there's a test on Friday, and as if that wasn't enough, I've got an Accounting test on the same day as well -_- Then of course there's Assignment 2 to finish off for Accounting, the lab report to finish up for Bio, the remedial class to attend on Thursday, *and* BKA to go to tomorrow. ...I swear if I didn't know better, I'd say that school is made to ruin your life and munch up all your time! Grah~

Sunday, August 03, 2003

XD Chapter 16 of Need to Kill is up! I would have put it up this morning, but was updating itself, so I couldn't upload my chapter. No matter, it's up now!

XDXD Just got 2 new manga today. >_> I have some obsession with beautiful artwork or something, and it *has* to look good, otherwise I won't pick it up! Lol, that's what got me hooked onto Hatenkou Yuugi, LOVELESS and SEQUENCE in the first place. Now to add to the ranks, there's Erementar Gerad by Azuma Mayumi and Aragami Hime by Amano Sakuya. Mmm....yummy yummy art! XD

Saturday, August 02, 2003

o_OOOO; I have absolutely no idea why I feel so tired, but the fact is that I do. >_> N e wayz, Chapter 16 of Need to Kill should be up by tomorrow (oh happy day!) coz I think I should be able to finish it by tonight.

Loads of shit is going down in school lately >_< and I have to take BKA! That means staying in school until 5.15 every Monday and Wednesday, which just totally sucks ass. School is going on pretty fine, except for the fact that Ken, John and I have to deal with a erm...stalker. Not really stalker in the stalk in the dark terms, but, gods, he is irritating! We try to run away from him every lunch time, and the things that he talks about are just too way random. Beware of the monstrosity!!

-_- I swear I have too much time on my hands.