Sunday, June 29, 2003

XD yay~ 4 chapters of Need to Kill are up at, and more pple are reading it! XD I was up until 1 summin' writing up chapter 4 and posting it, and it was well worth it. I need to start working on chapter 5 and I also need to bring in the other characters soon. >_> I can tell that this story is probably gonna take a looooong time o_O

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

O_O I opened my e-mail today to find that out of nowhere, I've suddenly got 39 e-mails. And they were all fanfic reviews! XD Wheee~ mucho happy! XD mwahah. Lol, it's just that my Inuyasha story has received sooo many (probably a few of the same pple though) reviews. From the 43 reviews it had yesterday, it's rocketed up to *_* 80. Mein Gott. XD but w00t, I'm glad that people love it. It sure took a hell of a lot time to write something that I could be satisfied with, and now I guess I've gotta work on the Epilogue to it, :p seeing that I said that I'd do one if there were more than 10 reviews; lol. I've just finished yet another chapter for my Rurouni Kenshin fic, and people seem to be finding that good too. >_> But I just went over that 1000 words per chapter limit. >_> And made yet another extra chapter that I have to write. I don't really mind though, but grrrr... if writer's block sets in, then I'm so totally screwed :p

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

XD Whoopee~ I *finally* finished my Inuyasha fic (after 2 years and no less @_@). Gods, that took forever to write! I swear, I'm never writing chapters that have over a 1000 words again! >_> It will totally kill me. XD I'm really happy coz I got 7 reviews for Need to Kill! ^^ Yes, I need my support to keep on writing, mwahah~ Must dump all my fics on a page somewhere sometime. Yesh. That'd be nice.

Monday, June 23, 2003

... ^^;; did I forget? XD I was going to mention this yesterday ~ Kenshin looks hot with short hair!! XDXDXD Hehe...allow me to indulge in fangirlishness ne? I've already done the 2nd chapter of my RuroKen story, Need to Kill. If anyone wants to read it, it's up at, under my user name kouri. Please read and review, ne? Domo!

The exam results came today... XD And I got all As!!! XD Thank goodness; mum and dad would've had my head if I'd gotten even one B! O_O I *still* can't believe that my highest mark was for chemistry though O_O Strange but true. I think it's coz Ms. Swanson is such a kick-ass teacher, unlike the ones back at MGC. Not that they were'nt any good, but >_> all they did was talk and let's just say that nothing went into my dear old cotton-wool brain. XD Nonetheless, the results rock! w00t!! XD Sugoiiiiiiii~

Sunday, June 22, 2003

XD Yaaaah~!! Lotsa new manga today (and one *really* o_O smutty shojo one O_O lol, hahah). Got tankoubun 28 of Rurouni Kenshin, tankoubun 5 of Tennen Hachimitsu Ryou (Natural Honey Dormitory - Aya Oda), and o_O the smutty one (who is o_O one of my fave mangaka because her drawings are *Really* good; I don't read it for the smut! ^^;;; Don't give me that look!) is a new series by Iori Shigano called Sonna koe dashicha IYA! (Kiss of Voice is it's english title as given by the author).
I think it's really hilarious so far ^^;;; it's about this girl who wishes to be a seiyuu (voice actor), and she's trying out for the lead part in an anime called 'Vamp'. However, ^^;;;;; her voice-acting skills SUCK, but the seiyuu who acts alongside her (who is a really famous guy apparently :p), takes a liking to her, and decides to 'coach' her. *cough* The lead (girl) character in the anime however, is a girl who is being seduced by a vampire ^^;; and urh....needs to make all those urm....^^;;;; how shall we say this....sounds?
But since Hina (that's our girl!) hasn't had any experience in urm *that* kind of stuff, and Yuki (that's our guy!) has (well, he *is* 23 after all....), he decides to *coach* her.... >_< and of course, starts falling in love with her. Trouble is is that Hina's got someone else, but Yuki *really* really wants her! o_O He knows that Hina really wants the part, and doesn't want to get kicked off the anime, so she *has* to take his 'coaching'. *Sigh* Her heart belongs to someone else though. Mou!! >_< Grah...and that's basically the first tankoubun. 2nd one is only coming out in mid-August XD Can't wait!! ^^;;; lol, now ain't that interesting? :p

Friday, June 20, 2003

@#%&^!!! Graaaaaaaaah~ Just been playing FFX-2, and I was trying to win Sphere Break against Shinra -_-;;; My brain really hurts now...and I'm still not done yet!! That little imp will *not* win!! GRAH!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2003

Mou! >_< The SDK box sets I bought on Saturday are kinda half-baked ;_; I can't watch episodes 10-12 and 16-18 properly because the discs are screwed up! >_< Crap, guess I have to end up buying either one or both of the seperate DVDs if I want to see what the hell is going on! (Of course I wouldn't miss Sasuke vs. Kyo scene for anything!!!! Or when Yuya comes back with Shindara through the Jigoku-mon!!)
I'm not surprised that Samurai Deeper KYO always gets compared to Rurouni Kenshin, coz there are, indeed, quite a few similarities. ^^ But then again, in SDK, it's two people being stuck into one body (and the anime has tons of supernatural elements involved in comparison to the manga), and for another, Kyo enjoys killing, unlike Kenshin, who *doesn't*, and only does it because it's a necessary evil.
I have to say that I like both Yuya and Kaoru, 'coz they're both pursuing what they want (yesh, the guys :p). However, in the relationships between Kenshin/Kaoru and Kyo/Yuya respectively, Kenshin *duh* definitely feels something for Kaoru and vice-versa, and well, is slightly more obvious in the way he shows it when he protects her. The Kyo/Yuya relationship isn't exactly going anywhere, because Yuya doens't exactly know what the hell to do with Kyoshirou, who she first met, and Kyo, who she's following @_@ Waaaaaaay confusing. But even if they won't admit it, Kyo definitely gives a damn about Yuya (I wonder if his hentainess counts for anything? Considering that he enjoys feeling her up and everything o_O). Ah yes, I must have and analysis page sometime for comparisons between Samurai Deeper KYO and Rurouni Kenshin! XD
Lol, both are good in their own manner, but let's just say that almost all of the guys in Samurai Deeper KYO should we put this...eligible? ^^; XD With guys like Kyo, Kyoshirou, Shinrei, Muramasa (o_O God knows how old he *really* is!), Hotaru, Yukimura and Sasuke *drool* you could probably just watch the show for just the yummy guys! XD Mwahaha~
XD But Kenshin as Battousai is *definitely* delectable!! Yesh indeedy! Maaaaaan, those amber eyes raaaaawk! *cough* ^^;;; I think I'm working myself up into some kind of fit now (oh dear).
On another note, I wrote a lemonish (O_O) thing about Kyo's POV on Yuya, and what she means to him that, and how he truly feels about her ^^; if anyone wants to read it, just e-mail me and I'll send you the file (;_; I doubt anyone really comes here anyway *sniff*). Still working on that Rurouni Kenshin AU fic that I started a week ago, and *pfft* so far I've only got 1 review on ;_; How very discouraging!! I wonder how on earth some fics can get up to 600+ reviews! >_> but then again I'm just an amateur ne? Oh well, nothing to do about that~

Sunday, June 15, 2003

Mibu Kyoshiro of Samurai Deeper Kyo
Which of the Samurai Deeper Kyo Cast Are You?

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Ooh~ interesting ^^ I went to CosMas! yesterday, and got the Samurai Deeper KYO anime XD I love it so far! w00t! CosMas! was really good, well for it's first year. Nee-sama was dressed up as Subaru from X and she looked the part!! XDXDXD Lol must go again next year sometime!!

Monday, June 09, 2003

Whoopee! Exams are all finally over! XD I woulda updated earlier; I've actually been trying to update this blog for the past 3 days or so, but every time Blogger had a problem. XD Yesh! No classes for a whole month! ^^ And there's CosMas next Saturday too~ I probably won't cosplay or anything because I wouldn't know *who* to cosplay, and I have no costume, anyway. :p I'll just leave it to nee-sama and Masako-san to do their stuff and I'll just stand around with a camera! ^^ Been reading a lot of Rurouni Kenshin fanfics lately, and some of the stuff out there is *reaaaaally* good. I've started writing something of my own (>_< Although I still haven't finished that Inuyasha fic either! Argh! One more chapter to go! I'm really dreading the fight scene, considering that I know close to nothing about nice fighting words) which is AU, and involves most of the characters being assasins XD Mwahahhaha~ I hope I can find the Tsuiokuhen and Seisouhen somewhere, coz I *really* wanna watch 'em. Gotta go back to -that- shop and get the Verbrechen/Strafe OVA (Weiss) XD Luverly holidays~