Sunday, April 27, 2003

XD Aaaaaah XD *drool* Gouhou Drug!!! *drool* Lagoon Engine!!! XDXDXD Lol, yesh, I am feeling very hyper today ^^ As you can probably figure out by now, I got these two yummilicious manga XD XD Now all I need to do now is wait for my Rokutousei SPIKA to arrive XD mwahahha~ oh happy day~!

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

XDXDXD Lol, I think there's a coughkencough fanclub going! Hahah! ^^;; Just got an e-mail from Lin, my nee-sama, and lol, apparently on my birthday thing, after I left, they were going all fan-girlish over him. ^^;;;; eeetttooo lol, I reaaaaally have nothing to say to that, but let's just say that he probably attracts girls by the dozen >_> and doesn't even know it, knowing him. Lol. XDXD This is just really really funny ^^; Please excuse me while I go over to the corner and grin my head off *disappears and mad giggling is heard in the distance* *comes back* ^^ Yesh, all done. Lol. Yesh, all in opinion that Ken should wear his glasses more often coz he looks good in them. ^^ Yesh indeedy.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

*double post* Oooh, forgot to add that I got Saenagi Ryou's new manga that's been serializing in Hana to Yume after Yorozuya. XD It's got tons of supernatural stuff in it XD not to mention vampireness, and it's called SEQUENCE - Yuuki no kanaderu Mahou. I might actually get around to doing some translations. Maybe being the keyword >_> I still haven't finished the translations for book 1 of Yorozuya, coz I never get the time, or I'm too lazy to do it.
Anyway, SEQUENCE is about a guy called Kanata, who's told to go to this old church and ring the bell there as punishment for being late for some basketball practice. The floor kinda crumbles below him, and he falls into some old cellar, where there's this huge cross there. Ta-da, the cross is actually a coffin, and Kanata opens it to find a very pretty guy there (XD mwahahah) who looks like he's asleep.
*_* Suddenly the guy wakes up, sees Kanata there, and o_O kills him (very literally) by stabbing a hand through his chest. Kanata dies, and the guy realises that he's killed Kanata by mistake and is getting pissed with himself, when there's a bright light and some light leaps from Kanata towards the cross. O_O Kanata then comes back to life, but then the guy is gone and he's wondering if it was all a dream. In any case, the coffin and the guy are gone, and all that's left is this tiny cross that's in Kanata's hand.
Short while later though, Kanata meets up with the guy again later, and it turns out that he's not human (although he keeps claiming that he is human, mwahaha, you'll see soon in later chapters XD). A WALK (fancy talk for a demon thingy) shows up and Kanata fights it; the guy refuses to help him out because he thinks that Kanata is connected to a priest who sealed him up in the coffin. However, when Kanata's elbow gets injured, surprisingly enough, the guy gets injured too. After that he jumps into the fight and *poof* goes the demon (changes into a very cute black cat too).
Our very luscious, anonymous black-haired bishie is known as Kamyu Titi (O_O strange name, I know. Let's just refer to him as T-squared). The reason why T-squared got injured when Kanata got injured is because a magic spell called a SEQUENCE (hence the title of the manga XD) got activated when they were in the church after Kanata died, the bright light went *shing* and Kanata was revived. Anyway, any bodily harm that happens to Kanata will happen to T-squared and vice versa. This also means that if one of them dies, the other one will too. And so starts their adventure ^_^. Wonderful eh? Can't wait for the 2nd tankoubun to come out! XD

XD Just got the May issue of ASUKA yesterday. *drools* A double CLAMP issue of X and Gouhou Drug...mmmmm. ;_; No Hayabusa this month though >_> Must have the June issue! Graaaaaaah XD Got the first episode of DNAngel from John's laptop after school XD Yippee! IR totally rawks!
^^;; you won't believe how many times we walked to and from McD's on Friday -_-;;; no thanks to you John! *whack*
>_< Need to type up the results of my survey for Families and need to do some drizzle on English for a journal *blech* Ta!

Friday, April 18, 2003

>_< this little liking thing for *coughkencough* is getting worse and worse. Shiiiit. Talk about love problems huh? I rest my case.

Monday, April 14, 2003

OooooO! XD John brought his laptop to school today, and we were watching the first 2 episodes of DNAngel in the canteen! O_O Dark seems sooo evil! Lol, in episode 2, he challenges Daisuke (and in the midst of escaping from some building after having stolen something too!), and says that if he can escape from the building without having to turn into Dark, then Daisuke wins. But if Daisuke turns into Dark for whatever reason, then >_: Risa is *his* O_O I like what I've seen so far :p the 3rd episode comes out in Japan on Wednesday, XD can't wait!

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Dad's friends came over last night, and everybody ended up watching old Leslie Cheung VCDs. FYI: Leslie Cheung was the famous Hong Kong actor/singer who jumped from the 24th floor of Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong, to his death. No one could believe that he was truly gone. For one thing, this happened on April 1st, of all days, and of course, everyone thought that it was some kind of cruel joke. That is, until they read the newspapers.
I've been wondering since last night whether he was actually calling out for help somewhere in his soul, but yet, was not heard by anyone. For all you know, although his feet were taking that last final step, his mind wasn't actually going to agree with that, happened anyway. Yes, very morbid I know, but I get like that sometimes and start psychoanalysing stuff. The one thing that I've always been curious about is whether people actually wish to die the moment just before they commit suicide, or if they are hoping, waiting, for that ray of light from something, anyone, anybody, that could somehow save them from the bleak moment of loneliness, cold and dark.
It makes me wonder why people could actually bear to take a knife, and slit it's cold, sharp blade along their wrists, and then let the blood bleed slowly, and just die like that. I wouldn't be able to bear that feeling, but then again, I've never actually found a reason to want to kill myself thankfully. However, I do think that one of the factors that cause people to commit suicide is because they can't find anything worth living for in the world anymore, and so they just wish to end their life. Scary but true. I guess I'll leave you there with that morbid thought now, and I'll be quite my genki self again tomorrow. Or something like that.

Thursday, April 10, 2003

-_- Gods.....who the hell invented homework? It's an utter and total time eater >_> And tests too. I feel utterly drained now. I just finished typing up the procedure for my Chemistry ISU, and I've still got a darned English journal to write on Macbeth. Yuuuuck. And I wish that my damned connection would go faster and not move like a darned snail damnit! <_< Is it possible to throttle a modem? Gaaah. All I want right now is to hurry up and finish that darned download for the Project ARMS 2nd opening theme that I'm downloading. It's taking forever! Not to mention that I've had 3 huge tests dumped on my head this week, and thank goodness the last one was today! X.X

Sunday, April 06, 2003

w00t~! XD Say 'hi' to this nutty crazy now-17-year-old-manga-obsessed-girl! ^^ So far I've done nothing since I've been awake but >_> what's not so great is that I've got homework and studying to do on my birthday (blech!) Btw, I guess I should update everyone about what's been going on in my life lately, since I've been away for so long. Anyways. To cut a long story short:
a) I broke up with Zeth, my boyfriend in England.
b) I'm back in Malaysia and studying in Taylor's College, in the CPU program, which is ooooooooooooodles of fun x.X and full of tests and quizzes too.
c) I'm 17 today! XD Yay me!
d) I happen to be crushing on one of my friends >_> which is a kinda bad thing since I really don't want to be attracted to anyone at this point in time.
e) I've become seeeeeeeeeeeeriously addicted to anything done by CLAMP! Lol ^^; One of my friends had X and Magic Knights Rayearth, and everything was totally o_O woooooooooooooow~ I just got my volume 1 of Gouhou Drug and it absolutely rawks! XD I'm all out for Kazahaya and Rikuou! XD Lol
f) Gotten even more addicted to a series called Hayabusa that serializes in the ASUKA phonebook thingy in which X is also serialized, and the art and storyline look goooooooooooooooooood!
:p yesh, and that is basically my life! Ooh! And also the change in title of this page from Energy Level High! to NQH: Not Quite Here, coz of some changes in life and stuff.
=) It's good ta be back.

Saturday, April 05, 2003

Yeah...just celebrated my birthday in advance today o_O met this girl in kino who apparently likes to read *_* yuri stuff (girl x girl love if you don't know what that is!) And got a ton of very nice stuff from my friends. Gifts are as follows:
Lin: Nice blue Teddy wallet
Ken: veeeeeeeeeeery nice silver bookmark thingy from Mikimoto o_O You would not have *believed* how nice it looks! OMG.
John (Fong Yoon): half-shared with Ken and also got me Gouhou Drug and X : 17
Gurm: Sassy bag and handphone chair thingy
May Swan: A veeery nice purse
XD Thanx to all my friends for the nice birthday prezzies! I lurve you people lots and lots! :p xoxoxo
Thanks so much for a great birthday thang! >_> Although I have to say that watching Dreamcatcher wasn't the best idea ever...-_-;;;

Friday, April 04, 2003

woo~ finally an update after not being around for so long. Finally started at Taylor's in January, and yeah, been pretty busy lately. XD My birthday's just round the corner, hrrm...b-day prezzies anyone? Also been busy getting addicted to Magic Knights Rayearth, X and Star Ocean EX, not to mention playing FFX-2 like mad (until dad lent the PS2 to someone that is >.-) Anyway, lots and lots of hw that keeps piling up, and ISU projects, and exams coming up in June. I still need to do my community service and everything. Blah. <3 ya'll.