Thursday, October 24, 2002

*drools* XD The last and final series of Weiß Kreuz, Glühen. I think it started airing in September, after Kyoko Tsuchiya sued Marine Entertainment for infringing on copyright and stuff o.O And so, they've now got new character designs for the whole Weiß crew ^^ I can say that Ken and Aya look good *drools*, x.X but Omi....looks....weird....and Yohji looks like Farf. O.O if you can believe that. Character designs and whatnot can be found at Marine Entertainment's page under Weiß Kreuz (that's if you and your browser can read Jap.) ^^ I've also got the OP and ED .rams of Glühen, and as always, the music rocks ^^ I think Aya looks kinda like Tatsumei O.O And they all look as if they just stepped out of some Victorian period or something. New characters too ^^ there's Sena who joins the team, and Rex and Kyou who are kinda like Manx and Birman's replacements. I think.
Sooooo! ^^ I'm obsessed with the monthly Wings phonebook thingy now ^^, which is, coincidentally, where the manga version of Weiß was published. ^^ *drools* Bishouneeeeeen. ^^

Saturday, October 12, 2002

woo~ o_O long time no blog! lol :p Yea, well, everytime I go online I keep forgetting to blog >_< for some reason or another :p Stupid yea? Well anyways, to update ya'll on my so boooooooring life (hah! half of you who read this probably don't care anywayz ^^;;). XD I just got a letter from my 'lil sister' in England XD wow, finally a letter! I haven't heard from anyone from my old school in like ages! ^^ Wrote back to her immediately and everything ^^ Letter's in the mail as we speak *imagines lil' letter sleeping in a pile of letters on an airplane* lol! ^^
Well, I finally finished FFX International; the ending was such a tearjerker ;_; I totally loved it! XD Can't wait for the Rikku and Yuna sequels that will be coming out sometime at the end of this year! XD (well at least the Jap. versions anyways) And I've gone back to playing FFVIII, which I never actually finished at all -_- don't ask. I'm trying to abolish the Random and Elemental rules from Dollet -_- and it's taking *forever*! -_- A constant ton of resets and near pulling my hair out, and you get the picture. So...I'm on disc 2, and I just finished the quest in the Shumi Village. ^^ and got a very nice [Status Guard] (I should hope so, after running around Shumi Village to FH and then back again!!), and I'll do the Winhill vase one tomorrow. Ooh, and the Centra Ruins one too ^^ Well, enough of FFVIII, let's talk about music! XD
New music ^^ yeshies! I got Avril Lavigne's album Let Go, and it is absolutely fantastic! XD I love it! All the lyrics are very heartfelt, and I think that anyone can relate to the songs really. I feel that some of the songs in it relate to the way I feel sometimes. ^^ If ya like rock-ishy music and all, I'd suggest that you get it! ^^ Ooh, for the record, I *cough* persuaded my mum to get me a new portable hi-fi XD and it rocks! It's and aiwa and a really pretty silvery-blue *eyes go heart-shaped* XDXDXD I love it!! ^^
Soooooo... *hugs and kissles Zeth* ^^ Happy (early) birthday in advance baby! ^^ XD Yesh, my boy is turning 20 on the 13th of October ^^ Happy Birthday!! ^^
*sits down in a chair* phew. And that's all the updates of my life! ^^ XD Tune in next month for more updates! (Lol, ^^; or whenever I feel like it).