Saturday, September 28, 2002

wow....I just finished playing Kingdom Hearts just now, and the ending was absolutely wonderful! XD I wonder if they have a sequel in the making ne? Well, considering the material that I saw in the 'secret' movie, it looked great! XD I *reeeeeaally* hope they have a sequel! I really want to get the theme song now :) they have an English version for the US version of it, and its been renamed to Simple and Clean, and who else sings it but the talented popstar Utada Hikaru. Never heard of her? Well, she's super-popular in Japan, and apparently, she's in a uni in NY right now ^^ and still making music at the same time. Cool yeah? Unfortunately, Square have tight rein right now on 'Simple and Clean', so other than if you play the game, you can't find the song anywhere else :p I know, I've tried to find it! ^^;;; but oh well ^^ guess I'll have to get it when it comes out then XD *drools* Riku.......must have Riku!! Silver-haired bishie of KH if you must know ^^

Saturday, September 14, 2002

XD I just got Kingdom Hearts today and I've been playing it ever since! XD It is one of the kewlest games I've ever played! ^^ Absolutely excellent. With guest characters like Squall, Wakka, Tidus, Selphie, Aeris, Winnie-the-Pooh, Yuffie, Cid and the moogles themselves, and a great battle system and rocking storyline, this game is really da bomb! XD mwahhaha lol :p I think I'll calm down now.
So, not alot's been going on in my life, I've just really been sitting around and watching tv and anime and playing Ape Escape 2 and of course Kingdom Hearts now. I also got Bloody Roar 3, Crazy Taxi and the newest Crash Bandicoot game on the PS2. But, ^^;;; I've only been playing KH for the whole afternoon now, and I'm rather addicted to it :p Well, anyways, life's been pretty boring really. What with school only starting in January, and everyone else being at school, and me *not* being at school. I've decided to take the SAM programme instead of the CPU one now, coz well, -_- if I want to go to USA, I would have to aim for like, Harvard, UCLA, Yale and all that >.> which I don't believe I would be able to make >.< But well, that's just me.... Maybe it'll be easier to get into Sydney University or something...rather than aim for something like Harvard :p Or not.
Time will tell, I guess. Yea, whatever. :p For now I'll just stick to my Kingdom Hearts XD *goes off*