Saturday, June 22, 2002

^______________^ Just finished my Community Service week at St. Michael's Hospice, and I can now say that I've seen terminally ill patients! ^^;; I find it really saddening to see all the people there, who know that they're gonna die soon, but can still be so positive about just wows me. Its nothing like a typical hospital because the people at the hospice have more time for the patients, and the atmosphere in the hospice is a really homely one. ^__^ If I was terminally ill, that's where I'd like to go *touch wood*.
Anywayz...what have I done today? ^_^ I'm at my boyfriend's house, for starters, and I've been online since about 10am.
Been downloading the FFX OST and FF Concert in Japan (Feb. 2002) from here.
Joined 2 webcliques: Itai! and T-T-Tidus! ^_^ They're in the webrings & links section on this page.
Surfing around on FFH.
Downloading avatars
Going through FFX sites.
^_________^ Ah yes, my so-called life ^^; lol!
A Which Parasite Eve character are you? test.....and the results are......*drumroll*

I'm Aya!

Which Parasite Eve Character are you?

by Tera

Tuesday, June 11, 2002

*blinkblink* Urrr.....mind is not woken up yet... *blinkblink* I got out of bed at 8am this morning, it took me quite some time to roll out of there; for some reason I just couldn't wake up!! -.- Then I get to my form room and find out that a pigeon's just been in there, and let's just say that it made quite a mess in there. ----.---- and now I should go back to my room and study for the biology module 3 exam and the two home ec exams that I have tomorrow if I don't want to fail the bloody things. *_* blaargh *huggles johnny-bear* waaaaah!!
*sigh* wish it was still mid-term! That was the best week of my life ever ^____^ and I got to play alot of FFX and got hooked onto Ragnorok Online ^___^ I'm an acolyte on it if anyone wants to bother to find me, under the name of Fayt. Wellz, I'll probably only be able to play RO in the summer when I get my own internet connection back when I go home ;_; but I don't really wanna go home see? I'd rather stay at your place by far babe! *sniffles* I wuuuuuuuuuve u!!! ^________________________________________^ XDXDXD

Monday, June 10, 2002

:( I'm missing my baby~~~~ *cries* waaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!! ^_^;;;; anywayz, on the brighter side, 3 more exams to go and I'll have finished my AS levels! w00t! :/ I'm not particularly looking forward to go home though >_< coz then I'd be leaving someone behind and I wouldn't be able to see him until September :( *sniff sniff*

Tuesday, June 04, 2002

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