Wednesday, May 29, 2002

^_^ yay yay yaaaay!! ^_^ I just finished 7 of my exams now, I've got 4 more to go after half term, but today tomorrow and friday will be my rest days, haha!! ^_^ Coz I've got no exams until after half term; I'm sooooooo happy! ^_^ Wheee!!! heheh... yea, don't mind me!! ^_^

Thursday, May 23, 2002

@_@ woo~ just got out of my Mechanics 1 paper 'bout half an hour ago. ^_^ I'm happy coz the paper wasn't too bad, except for the last question -_-; but oh well, you win some you lose some. ^_^ Now there's just statistics, biology, chemistry and home economics left to go! *_* blech.

Monday, May 20, 2002

......shit.....shitshitshitshiiiiit! -_- excuse the swearing, but I just got out from my Pure 1 exam about half an hour ago, and *grins insanely* let's just say that I fucked it up big time!!!! And I'm just so pissed at everything right now......gyawd......I want to strangle whoever set the paper, that was one of the shittiest papers I've ever done in my life!!! *crosses fingers* Now let's just hope that the Mechanics 1 and Statistics 1 papers are easier. Muuuuuuch easier!!! Or else I'm so gonna hang myself from the room window soon!!

Thursday, May 16, 2002

what type of internet face are you?


^_^ oh yes, this is me!!! lol ^_^

^_^ I like this template alot now, its really pretty and blue ^_^ guess I'll just name this version 1.5.5 : pretty in blue ~ in love ~ ^_^ And btw I've named the bear Johnny-bear ^_^ lol after my boyfriend; no, his name isn't Johnny ^_^ but a bit obvious now, isn't it? ^_^
Well, I've found a place to stay during half-term (finally!! yay!) ^_^ and that's reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally good ^_^ So yea, that's kewl.
On the downside, I'm starting to freak about my exams coz well, Pure 1 is on Monday and I'm still having problems with my AP/GP, Differentiation and Integration >_< haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalp!!!!!! And then there's Mechanics 1 on Thursday, and whenever there are strings breaking or going slack, I'm in reaaaaaaaaaaaal trouble. *_* and of course there's moments to worry about as well. And the fact that I haven't started studying my biology yet, and I haven't even started studying module 2 of chemistry yet. Ack......>_< well, I'll shut up now!! ^_^ lol

Wednesday, May 15, 2002

@_@ wooooooooow~~~~ ^_^ I just got my post during lunch. ^_^ And I got a sweet lil' bear and a roll of Rolo's and a card! ^_^ Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww~~~the bear is sooooooooooooooo cute!!! ^_^ lol It is just too sweet!! ^_^ Thankees babe!! I love it! ^_^And where did the Rolos come from??

^_^ ooooh yea! ^_^ lol

I'm Lestat!

Which Anne Rice Vampire are you?

by Tera

I am baaaad! ^_^ lol

ooooooooh!!~~~ *pulls out hair* I give up!!! I've been trying to do a template on my own, and I've been trying to use the Ayashi no Ceres layout that I've got, but *breathes* heck its not working!!!!!! -_-; and I'm starting to get really pissed!!! Oh well, guess I'll just fiddle around with it after the exams. *smiles*
Anywayz, back to more cheery things! ^_^ It's been about a month now since I posted ^_^ and lemme see *counts* ^_^ I've been with my boyfriend for a month and 5 days ^_^ *goes starry-eyed* lol, sorry, yea, I'm just like that, don't bother about me. ^_^ Babe, I know you're reading this somewhere, ^_^ so I'll just say (again!) I love you!!! ^_^ Forever and ever and ever!! ^_^ Ooh, there you are ^_^
Sooo....updates in my life!!!
1) I'm back in UK now, 3rd term has started and exams are next week!!! *faints* nooo~~~!!! ^_^;; damnit!!
2) ;_; The Turks are gone. My clan has been deleted. >_< Dammit Justin!!
3) *grins for all the world to see* ^_^ I'm having a greaaaaaat lovelife! ^_^ My boyfriend is sweet, sensitive, charming romantic and *waggles eyebrows* naughty ^_^ all rolled into one. ^_^ ;) yea baby! lol ^_^;; Am I embarrasing you?
4) uuuuurgh....need to find a place to stay during half-term in London -_- not having much success with this ^_^;
5) As if you haven't noticed yet, ^_^ its a new template!!! *gaspshockhorror!* go me! ^_^ hehehe....I'm going insane again
6) w00t! ^_^ I'll be receiving something in the post today ^_^ I'm gonna go back during lunch ^_^ and huggle it the whole time!!! ^_^ Thanx babe~! ^_^
And those are the highlights of my life for the past few weeks! ^_^ I'll see ya'll soon!!! ^_^ is this?!!!