Sunday, March 31, 2002

...........I could absolutely strangle someone now. *evil smile* preferably Justin!!!

Saturday, March 30, 2002


....-_-;;; I can't believe that I've got to stay up till 3am tonight to do battle with the ZBs... >_< awwww crap!!! Justin, damn you!!! ^_^;;; lol, j/k....NOT!

Wednesday, March 27, 2002

...watashi wa...

Call me Uke
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Monday, March 25, 2002

ugh....*rub eyes* what a crappy day it has been today. The jetlag from the trip back decided to rear its ugly head, and I ended up having to sit through math tuition with only about two and a half hours of sleep. Let me tell you; *don't* do it!!

Sunday, March 24, 2002


Janne da Arc

You were meant to be in Janne da Arc! Bright colors and fast movement are your trademarks. You're constantly active and maybe regarded as just a little bit on the strange side by your friends. Your style isn't for everyone, but those who have gotten to know you enjoy being with you.

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--_--oh gaaaaaawd....I'm finally back home....and dead tired.....ack....that must have been one of the worst travelling days in my life. >_< yaaauck....first the coach arrived at 4.00pm, so I had to sit there until 5.30pm before the check-in counter opened. Then I had to go through the half an hour queue. When I finally get to the check-in desk, they tell me that my name's not on the system! *vein pop* Fiiiiiine.....I go off to the ticket counter to get it fixed....spend another half an hour there....get back to the check-in line....queue up for another half an hour....and then *finally* get checked I could have killed someone right there and then. It doesn't stop there!
I went to Burger King's after that, got a Sprite...put it into my bag with the plastic bag and all...take it out like half an hour later to find that its leaked all over my bag.. ---_--- gawd......

Thursday, March 21, 2002

^_^One more day left! Can't believe that time passes by so quickly!!! Whoopeeeeeeeee!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2002

meeh...we've just had our new prefectorial team on stage this morning; can't say that I really have anything too good to say about that. For one thing, there some people who have been set as prefects who shouldn't even -be- prefects, regardless of whatever the prefect position is. Heck, I could say that about quite a few individuals. Other than that, I could also say that some of these people would probably cause hell for the majority of others. And lets not forget that the school didn't even *bother* to consider what we thought about who some of the prefects should be. Geez...I wonder why the heck they even bothered to ask us about our opinion if they're not gonna take it. Oh well, let's just forget that for now, ^_^focus on the main thing....I'll be home in 4 days!!!! W00T!!!^_^

Friday, March 15, 2002

*_*I just seem to have gotten myself addicted to Angel Sanctuary as well.../_\ Lucky me!

meeeeh.....tsumaneee~~~~yo!!! *_*Sorry, just feeling like, really ultra-bored now. I've been trying to take a lookie at HanaKimi, and I downloaded some translations from volume one to volume three over erm....I've forgotten the site for it, but its um...oh wait!! Yea, over here, and now I'm hooked! >__< x_x XD need to hurry homeeeeeeeeeeeee~~~~~!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

It's been really dormant lately.....hmm...hmm....what happened to you?! The site's gone??I've absolutely no idea what happened. There's nothing really interesting going on in my life right now, so I won't bore anyone with the details ^_^lol. Later.

Thursday, March 07, 2002

I swear I could almost murder someone now. My dad is such a fucking hypocrite. I e-mail him, he doesn't email me back, and he says that I don't even bother to look for him until like Chinese New Year is over. What a fucking prick! I can't believe this. I really can't believe this. And the fact that I'm feeling really pissed off right now doesn't help the point. See, thing is, I sent him and email *after* CNY- but the only reason was because I was on half-term, and I had no access to a computer. And then he goes on and rags on me about not contacting him at all, when he doesn't even bother to call me or email me, and he has the nerve to go and say that I'm dissapointing him. God, that stupid prick drives me up the wall!

Tuesday, March 05, 2002


You're Yuna. You're hardworking and honest, and also a little naive. You can easily be lied to, but in the end your friends will look out for you. Kind and loving you'd never hurt a fly. You'd be willing to do anything to help others, even if it means some personal sacrafices for you.
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Saturday, March 02, 2002

Absolutely hilarious!
*grin* sorry, feeling slightly weird right now; some advice to you: Don't put tarts/pies into the freezer (and leave them there for a day). I had an extra strawberry pie/tart left after my home economics practical lesson on Thursday, so I just brought it back to the house and stuffed it into the fridge. At the time, the filling hadn't set yet, so I decided to shove it into the freezer to let it set, and then eat it after dinner. Forgot about it and only decided to take it out after dinner last night. So anyway, I took it out of the fridge, and it was toootally frozen... didn't think that the fridge in the house would be *that* cold. ^_^;;;v One of my friends saw it and started laughing. I figured that maybe we should cut it or something, but when I tried to cut it, the knife kinda got stuck in the icy filling, and then I lifted it and the whole 'tart' (hehe...yea.) was pulled out of the casing. -_-;
Plonked it back into the casing, and started stabbing it instead. My friend took a photo of me stabbing the tart, ^_^;;I think I'll post it up here when she gets it developed. ^_^;;sorry if no one finds it hilarious, but at that time it was soooo funny! ^_^ hehe...
We then plonked the 'thing' into the microwave and decided to melt it. Surprise surprise, it turned into a gooey mess. @_@ Well, at least it -tasted- good....right??