Thursday, February 28, 2002

Bring it on!
Just had to go through alot of voting for our prefects next year in U6. ^_^Kekeke....what fun nominating is. ^_^

dot dot dot...what to say? Ok, screw that! ^_^I'm so happy!! ^_^Nee-sama! How did you find me?! Gee, ^_^ I see what you do alot now in your free time! lol! ^_^ I've been checking your blog everyday for what's happening at Taylor's! ^_^I can't believe Nii-chan got a blog!! ^_^; but then again, when I went to look at it, its the usual stuff that he talks about! ^_^*grin* So what's going on in KL?
Have I missed alot? Yea, I saw Phing @ Covent Garden when I had my mid-term. I saw Ling as well! ^_^ God, I wuz sooooooooo glad to see her! ^_^ Missed her so much! You have *got* to teach me how to do templates!!! ^_^ XD neee-samaaaaaaaaaaa!
Also found lots of Magna Cartastuff yesterday, and downloaded the theme song, 'Time passes by' from MC OST Its very haunting, and otherwordly, especially the piano ^_^, but I prefer the ending song of WoGIIIpart 1 better.
I've also taken a liking to Ferenan from MC. Looks really good and badass! ^_^Whoopee!
There's an Estell shrine and a Juclecia shrine. Anyone know any others? I'm gonna try to make my own Calintz one soon ( when I get time to!*_* which is probably never!).

Wednesday, February 27, 2002

It's been snowing!!! But it's all melted now. I remember we had a kinda mini blizzard last Saturday, and it wuz the bomb! ^_^Absolutely brilliant!

We just had our pancake race, which was delayed, from last week's Shrove Tuesday. Anywayz, Greenslade House won against Poulton!! ^_^Whoopee!

Tuesday, February 26, 2002

^_^Happy day, happy day.
Woke up feeling strangely awake today. No idea why either....^_^Anywayz, what's going on in my life? Nothing much except for coursework and a huge pile of other stuff as well...hmm..I feel extremely bored. Good looking links:
Empty vessels
^_^May post again later, we'll see, we'll see.

Monday, February 25, 2002

^_^Heye peeps. This is Calintz aka kouri aka Flo. ^_^Not me first time blogging, but I've been surfin' around alot to try to find the best blogging site/software. ^_^I've got stuff up all over the place, so this is just one of my many (useless) blogging places. ^_^Stay if you want, leave if you like; its just my daily life @ college. ^_^